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Growth process

Growth process

  Dongying Haixin Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd(hereinafter known as Haixin) which set up on June 7th, 2007, is a modern high-tech petroleum equipment enterprises which is expertise in professional rig production, drilling engineering and service, offshore oil drill and exploit equipment, land-based oil drill and exploit equipment, petroleum technology service ,petroleum machine and accessories, well pipes, hydraulic pumping unit, scientific research, production, sales, engineering and precision casting.  


  Its headquarters locates in Shengli Oilfield (the second largest oilfield in China), the Yellow River national strategic areas-- Hekou Economic Development Zone, Dongying, Shandong. Haixin is Registered with 50 million RMB.
  Adhering to the "Quality as the root, Honesty as the basic, Moral as the first, and Credibility as the living" business philosophy, the company has set up a comprehensive HSE (health, safety and environment) system, with the perfect quality guarantee system and has been awarded the API certificates. With "high quality products, excellent quality, satisfied service" as the company’s quality policy, and it will run through the whole process including research and development, production, sales, management and service.
  Our company devotes itself to “customer focus” marketing philosophy. Our business is not only successful in the domestic market but also supplied in the international market including Middle East, South America, North Africa, Russia, India, Australian and other countries and regions. At the same timeit has a perfect after-sales service system.
  Haixin has experienced a difficult process from small to large, from nonexistence to existence, from wide to professional. It constantly innovates, and creates numerous glories which belong to Haixin in the fierce competition.
  Under the leadership of Xinfeng Wang, the company domestic department signed an order which contains 327 roots 127mm drill pipes in Wuqi, Shanxi in January of 2008. This is the first order since the company has been established. Since then, the main business of the company focused on the northern Shanxi oilfield. The 3000m 73mm drill pipes produced by company are sent to India in June, which is first foreign order. The foreign trade team stepped into the stage ofthe company's history, which marking the company realized the successfulspread from domestic to abroad. The company achieved ISO9001, TS29001, and ISO14001 certificate on October 20th. It establishes a solid foundation for the company going towards the world with foreign trade team constantly growing and business constantly spreading.
  The new factory which covers an area of more than 333000 square meters was built on March 11th, 2009. Since then, Haixin has had a wider stage to show its talent. Haixin formally started the project that 15000 tons oil well tube is manufactured annually on December 18th. Lili Ma signed a total of more than 4 million RMB drill pipe order (1200 roots 73mm drill pipes) with India clients on June 2010. At the same year, Weijiang Lu signed a total of 3 million order including drill pipe and drill collar. The two orders were the largest ones in 2010.
  On July 20th, 2011, Kenya Electricity Generating Company’s delegation of 12 people which was led by Titus Kitili Mbathi who was the chairman of the board came to our company for an investigation. Xiaofeng Wang that the chairman of Haixin accompanied with the delegation to visit our company. Both parties had friendly talks for further understanding and promoting the development of cooperation. The guests were introduced the development of the company during the visit.Rig order which was worthy of hundreds of millions of dollars was signed for further communication and exchange. Exporting shipment ceremony about Kenya rig was held in Hekou Economic Development Zone on August 30th.At the same time, the engineering teams of nearly hundreds of people were sent to Kenya to provide drilling engineering services. This marks the beginning that our business change from single drill tools business to diversified services including rig, drill tools, drilling engineering services.



  Haixin is becoming stronger and more brilliant step by step! People of Haixin are gradually becoming more and more mature and successful! In the face of fierce competition, Haixin will struggle to combat and forge ahead in the tide of market economy with solid strength, excellent reputation advantage, scientific management methods, new management concept as well as advanced production technology, and thecompany will provide customers products and services with highest quality。


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