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Mud purification system and tank surface equipment
  • Details: Main Technical Specification
  • Details:   Mud purification system applies to 1000-9000 meters oil gas well drilling process and consists of 3 to 7 modularization combined tanks. The bottom of purification tank adopts a new cone base structu...
  • Details: Technical features:  •It adopts high quality motor with the features of smooth vibration, low noise, and long trouble-free operation.  •Creative design of screen box and substructure, compact structur...
  • Details:   ZCQ series vacuum degasser is a special equipment for treatment of gas in drilling fluids, can get rid of various gas of invasive drilling quickly. Vacuum Degasser plays an important role to return ...
  • Details:   Mud Cleaner is, also called integral machine of desand and desilt, two and three level solids control equipment for processing drilling fluid, which combines desanding cyclone, desilting cyclone and...
  • Details: Technical features:  •Compact structure, easy operation, strong working ability of single machine, high separation quality.  •To set vibration isolation structure for reducing complete machine vibrati...
  • Details:   NJ Mud Agitator is an important part of mud purification system. In general, each mud tank equips with 2 to 3 mud agitators installed on the circulation tank, which make impeller into certain depth ...
  • Details:   Liquid-gas separator can separate gas phase and liquid phase from drilling liquid containing gas. In drilling process, after going through decompression tank into separation tank, drilling fluid con...
  • Details: We export-orientated mud pump parts, including liners, pistons, piston inserts, valve inserts, oil seals, rod packing, fluid ends etc.. All of them meet or exceed DIN and API standards and have been e...
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