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Special rig
  • Details:   The rail drilling rig installs all the equipment such as derrick, drill floor substructure, power driven device, solid control system, engine-pump unit, electronic control system and generator set o...
  • Details: Technical characteristics:  1?Adopts the advanced AC-SCR-DC or AC-DC-AC electric transmission technology;  2?The substructure adopts large module assembly structure or uses winch (oil cylinder) power ...
  • Details:   Using helicopter-hanging drill rig can reduce the number of roads to be built and the time therein, lessen the damage to green vegetation, protect oil region’s ecological environment, shorten the dr...
  • Details:   The use of electricity from industrial net electricity to provide power instead of diesel oil reduces drilling cost, lessens environmental pollution, greatly reduces well site’s noise, improves well...
  • Details:   Main usage and feature:  CBM-TZJ15/800Y is a kind of truck-mounted drilling rig, which installs hydraulic top drive power head drill rig on the 10×6 automotive chassis, enable to complete the drilli...
  • Details:   The company produces low temperature drilling rigs which adapt to be used in Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and other severe cold areas, to comprehensively optimize and design their materials, lubricati...
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