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Drilling engineering and technical services
  • Details: Project Management Mode:  give full play to the professional service superiority; improve the advanced technology and the risk control ability; increase the work efficiency; reduce the comprehensive c...
  • Details:   With specialized drilling as one of the main businesses, Haixin’s business scope includes international and domestic drilling engineering and technical service. The company has all series of equipme...
  • Details: Service Ability:  To provide efficient and reliable aerated drilling equipment, which are able to work continuously for a long time, and greatly improve the drilling speed;  Have rich experience in si...
  • Details: Logging while drilling technology is to expand the application of multi-parameters and high performance of the LWD system, which is mainly used in adopting conventional wireline logging and drill pipe...
  • Details:   Haixinhas manyexperts with rich experienceand outstanding site operationexperience.Advanced imported wireless MWD tool and a variety ofdirectional well design and calculation software in directional...
  • Details:   Haixin company has built drilling service team who has the most comprehensive strength,specialized in slim hole side of high difficulty complex deep wells,alsoleads the industry technology developme...
  • Details:   Haixin company has ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50, XJ350, XJ550, XJ650 and other types of drilling and workoverrigs. Annual overhaul sidetracking ismore than 80 wells. Itcan undertake overhaul tasks of shallow dr...
  • Details:   Have supplied cementing service formore than 100 wells, and have6 dual engine dual pump cementing truck.  Haveformed thickened oil thermal production well, a large displacement horizontal displaceme...
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